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Voozanoo 3

This is Epiconcept’s previous generation web-based information system framework. As there are literally hundreds of customer applications currently running on the Voozanoo 3 platform, it is still a very useful and reliable system for multi-centric data collection and retrieval IT solutions. Epiconcept will continue to maintain this mature system for many years into the future.

It is for people who want to have complete control of their web information system application and are not afraid to dig in (possibly break things temporarily) and design their own information system. It was not designed as a tool for the general public but rather as the tool for Epiconcept project managers. To create something with it, you must already be familiar with general database concepts and be willing to use an “old style” interface. See the documentation here.

You can get a quick look at a simple two-table (1-N) data collection project that was created in an afternoon by going to the simple demonstration application and log in as Irène/test. Voozanoo 3 (v3.4.5) is open source software and can be downloaded to run in a LAMP server environment at your organisation. Contact us for the latest Voo3 version.

Voozanoo 3 based projects include the following:

  • Variable and page creation
  • table linking (1-X)
  • Reference table search fields
  • Data entry value constraints (coherence control)
  • Data traceability (database actions by who, when, where, what)
  • Savable data listings, filters, exports and analyses
  • Administration of user rights and their roles (table RWD privileges)
  • Separated data storage areas for specified roles
  • Data export to Epidata, CSV, Stata and SAS

Voozanoo 4

In 2012 EpiConcept started creating some of its customer applications on the Voozanoo 4 platform (Zend1 based PHP MVC framework). During a transition period up to 2017, some new projects were created with Voozanoo 3 and some with Voozanoo 4. As of 2017, all new customer applications have been created exclusively on the Voozanoo 4 platform. Currently, Voozanoo 4 is only available to Epiconcept customers. You can see the demo video here.


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Reference sheets

See the documentation to get screen-by-screen explanations of the Voozanoo™ 3 interface and its functions.