On-line Questionnaires, Investigations and Information Systems for Public Health

Voozanoo 3

Voozanoo™ is a web-based application used to create simple questionnaires or complex cloud-based information systems. For people who want to have complete control of their web information system application and are not afraid to dig in, you can go quite far with Voozanoo™. We offer a two-day training course on how to use it. It is the same tool we use ourselves for custom applications for our customers. Voozanoo™ is an Open Source application and can be downloaded and installed on your own servers.

What is Voozano?

Voozanoo™ includes the following features:
  • Data entry value constraining (coherence control)
  • Tracing of actions done on the database and by whom (record creation, deletion, and editing)
  • Double data entry system for paper-to-computer accuracy
  • Savable data listings, filters, and analyses
  • Administration of user rights and their roles
  • Ministry of health certified personal medical data hosting platform
  • Separated data storage area for specified users
  • Data export to Epidata, CSV, Stata and SAS

Voozanoo 4 : EpiConcept is currently working on the next version, Voozanoo™ 4. Some of our heavy users have been asked to participate in some of the early phases to help mold the functionality and usability of this upcoming version. If you have been using Voozanoo™ heavily and would like to help mold the next version, please contact us at info@voozanoo.net to discuss how you can become part of our Voozanoo™ 4 working group.


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Reference sheets

See the reference sheets below to get screen-by-screen explanations of the Voozanoo™ 3 interface and its functions.